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We had an epic interview with Assistant Game Director Morgan Day and Senior Game Designer Patrick Scarborough about the highly anticipated Patch 10.2. Get ready for some major class/healing changes and thrilling new content!

Interview Highlights

Is Patch 10.2 The Final Major Content Patch of Dragonflight?

Guardians of the Dream is the next epic chapter in the Dragonflight saga, marking a major turning point. Prepare to witness the rise of long-awaited characters like Merithra as they take center stage.

The team is keeping us in suspense about whether Patch 10.2 will be the ultimate major content patch of the Dragonflight expansion.

Are Any New Race/Class Combinations Coming in Patch 10.2?

While there won’t be any new race/class combinations in Patch 10.2, Druids will have exciting new customizations. Get ready for fresh Moonkin looks and fiery Druid transformations that can be earned in the new raid.

Which Classes Are Getting Sizable Class Changes in Guardians of the Dream?

All 3 Rogue specs are receiving significant updates in Guardians of the Dream to promote diversity and player choice.

Healing is undergoing major adjustments to address discrepancies between raids and Mythic+. The team is boosting the power of single-target healing and reevaluating big cooldowns and AoE healing.

To encourage strategic decision-making in healing, rather than relying solely on AoE spells, Mana adjustments are being made.

Druid specializations are also being carefully examined and refined.

The Discipline Priest rotation is being simplified to reduce reliance on stacking modifiers.

Power Infusion Power Infusion is being fine-tuned, particularly in its interactions with specific specs like Demonology Warlocks and Unholy Death Knights.

How Are Superblooms Going to Work? 

Prepare for the thrilling new public event called Superblooms, where you’ll assist in the growth of Amirdrassil. This event will feature multiple stages, similar to Zaralek Cavern, but with more mobility. Get ready for intense combat against the Druids of the Flame and earn some awesome powers, like Moonkin Mayhem, where adorable moonkins follow you around and unleash Moonfire spells.

Superblooms will offer new outdoor gear that can be upgraded, although the rewards won’t be as substantial as those from Time Rifts.

How Will The Netherwing Faction Be Involved in Patch 10.2?

Vyranoth, an unlikely ally, will join forces with Wrathion in a questline. Together, they will defend Amirdrassil with the help of the Netherwing and Storm Drakes.

Are You Planning to Change the Gear Upgrading System?

Crests will remain, but crest fragments will be removed. The team has planned several quality-of-life improvements for the gear upgrading system, aiming to streamline its complexity. Crests will become a currency and won’t take up inventory space in Patch 10.2.

Flightstones will still be present, and new Dreamborne crests will be introduced in Season 3. The old crests will remain tied to Season 2.

Are There Any Plans to Update the Brawler’s Guild in Dragonflight?

There are no announcements regarding the Brawler’s Guild in Patch 10.2. However, the team has received a lot of feedback from players and aims to bring it back in a permanent and evergreen manner, similar to the Mage Tower.

Is Outlands Cup Coming in Patch 10.2?

There is no information available about the Outlands Cup in Patch 10.2.

Can We Expect Any New Dragonriding Mounts / Customizations in Guardians of the Dream?

Get ready for some incredible Dragonriding updates in Guardians of the Dream, including new race/glyph options that allow you to learn new traits.

You’ll also have the chance to obtain a stunning Faerie Dragon mount through the campaign. Additionally, the Fire Owl mount from Mythic Fyrakk will be introduced, featuring dynamic flight and being the first non-drake mount of its kind.

Fyrakk will drop in two flavors, with the base version functioning similarly to Raszageth. The appearance variant will have a small chance to drop in all difficulties.

A special shadowflamey version of Fyrakk will be available from the Ahead of the Curve achievement.

Can You Tell Us More About the New Dragonriding Traits?

Two new passives are being introduced. One of them enhances Ground Skimming, allowing you to skim the ground while at maximum speed. The second one, Wind’s Respite, acts as an air brake.

Throne of Tides and the Everbloom Are Going on Rotation in Mythic+ Season 3. What Are The Biggest Challenges When Updating Old Dungeons to Modern Day Standards?

Itemization is one of the ongoing challenges when updating old dungeons. The team is still adapting to how to best align all dungeons with modern WoW standards. In Shadowlands Season 4, they experimented by leaving all items in, and they are eager to see how it will work out.

Can you briefly talk about PvP changes and the new PvP Brawl?

PvP changes often accompany class reworks (as mentioned above).

A new PvP Brawl called Battleground Blitz is being added. This experimental mode aims to provide a solo queue experience for Rated Battlegrounds, similar to the Solo Shuffle in Shadowlands.

Battleground Blitz features an 8-player format instead of the usual 10, with matches lasting around 10-15 minutes.

The addition of the ping wheel will enhance the solo battleground experience, making coordination easier for solo queue players.

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