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Lies of P is the bizarre Frankenstein hybrid of Pinocchio and Bloodborne. Set in a gothic, dark fantasy world, you battle as a warrior Pinocchio, customize his puppet abilities, and tell lies (or truths) that will determine his ultimate fate.

On average, reviews of Lies of P are fairly positive. They cite the game’s obvious Bloodborne inspiration as a key strength, rather than a legacy the game fails to live up to. While Lies of P doesn’t hit the heights of From Soft classics, or meaningfully diverge from them, it does stand shoulder to shoulder with souls past, according to most reviews. Common criticisms include the game’s unyielding devotion to the aesthetics and style of Bloodborne, inconsistent dodging and parrying mechanics, as well as customization systems that feel superfluous rather than essential. The narrative is either far too thin or surprisingly pointed and poignant, depending on who you ask.

Reviewer Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot’s Lies of P review that, “Bloodborne is still a clear inspiration, as its tonal atmosphere and combat design call to mind the cosmic horror masterpiece, leading to it feeling overly derivative at times. Still, Neowiz also implements just enough originality for Lies of P to eke out its own identity, even if it’s as thin as a puppet string.”

On GameSpot sister site Metacritic, Lies of P sits at 82 on both Xbox Series X and PlayStation. It has an 81 average on PC. You can check out some of those reviews below.

  • Game: Lies of PC
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4
  • Developer: Neowitz Games, Round8 Studio
  • Release Date: September 19
  • Price: $60

GameSpot – 8/10

“For the most part, however, Lies of P is content to adorn existing mechanics and ideas with its own story and aesthetic. This may be a derivative approach, but it nails the core Souls-like experience, with each of its various mechanics seamlessly coalescing to create a thrilling action game that’s challenging, varied, and dripping with atmosphere.” — Richard Wakeling [Full review]

GLHF On Sports Illustrated – 8/10

“Despite its similarities to so many other soulslike games, it does enough to be different. For hardcore soulslike players, there is the promise of a new story, and alternate endings among the difficult boss fights. For newcomers, Lies of P does a good job of easing you into the action.” — Georgina Young [Full review]

Digital Trends – 7/10

“With its fascinating setting and atmosphere, as well as unique gameplay systems that twist the Soulslike formula, Lies of P is one of the most impressive takes on the genre to date. With some solid imitators in the genre like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Code Vein, and Nioh, Lies of P at the very least matches its contemporaries. It does have some glaring issues, though, especially how the game’s frustrating boss fights play out. Developer Neowiz still has some growing to do if it’s going to reach the same heights as the games it’s inspired by, but Lies of P is anything but wooden.” — George Yang (GameSpot Contributor) [Full review]

IGN – 8/10

“Lies of P might not branch out particularly far from its soulslike inspiration, but like a marionette controlled by a skilled puppet master, it plays the part extremely well in a wonderfully dark fantasy world. It must be said that its uneven difficulty didn’t always make me feel like an underdog, especially when playing as a brawny, overpowered version of Pinocchio with a massive weapon, and combat pigeonholed me into a specific playstyle while the levels are less open and twisting than most. But with an awesome weapon crafting system, some really memorable boss fights, and one of the better stories we’ve seen in this genre, I can enthusiastically recommend you spend your time hanging out with Gepetto and friends.” — Travis Northup [Full review]

VG247 – 4/10

“There’s some enjoyment to be found in Lies of P. Its action is competent, but lacks the polish and stir of its contemporaries. Its atmosphere can be engrossing, but it’s a hodgepodge of themes and aesthetics you’ve seen before that never rises above the familiar. I was never impressed by it, and I never stopped questioning the point of the entire endeavour throughout my time with it.” — Sherif Saed [Full review]

Polygon – Unscored

“Lies of P’s contributions to the genre are slow burns. There’s just enough intrigue at the beginning to lure you into the world, and thankfully, it pays off. The game surprised and engulfed me with its grim tale, in which greed and obsession for power turned a city against itself. Despite a clear obligation to pay homage to its pioneers, it carves its own reality — one in which you decide which illusions to believe in.” — Diego Nicolás Argüello [Full review]

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