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Experience the Thrill of Wrath Classic – The Joyous Journeys with a 50% Experience Buff!

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The treacherous roads of Northrend await, but fear not! We are thrilled to announce the return of the Joyous Journeys experience buff*, granting all players a whopping 50% increase in experience gains up to level 80! Now is the perfect time to complete your character’s leveling journey, start a new adventure, or rally your friends to join you in the epic quests that lie ahead.

For added convenience, players can easily toggle the experience buff on or off by visiting any innkeeper in the capital cities or Dalaran. The Joyous Journeys experience buff will be available throughout the Ice Crown Citadel content update and beyond, so seize this opportunity to level up like never before!

*Please note that the experience buff is exclusive to Wrath Classic and is not available in modern World of Warcraft® or World of Warcraft® Classic Era.

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