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Every Soulslike game has its own unique gameplay mechanics, and one of those mechanics is a healing flask that can be replenished at checkpoints. This trend continues in Lies of P with a healing item called Pulse Cells. While you start the game with only a few Pulse Cells, you can earn up to seven more as you progress through your dangerous journey. Here’s how to obtain them.

Obtaining More Pulse Cells in Lies of P

At the beginning of Lies of P, you have three Pulse Cells, but you can acquire more in various ways. Initially, you will receive a couple of extra Pulse Cells as you advance in the main story and interact with NPCs. To obtain even more, you need to upgrade your P-Organ phases. By investing in the P-Organ upgrades, you can increase the number of Pulse Cell uses. However, due to the scarcity of Quartz required for these upgrades, the process will be slow and may not be completed until the end of the game.

You can obtain two Pulse Cells by slotting enough Quartz into specific perks to unlock a synergy, and you can obtain three more upgrades by applying the appropriate upgrades to a perk using the P-Organ. Here are the five upgrades you can obtain using this method.

  • Complete the “Increase Pulse Cells 1” perk from Phase 1 of the P-Organ
  • Complete the “Increase Pulse Cells 2” perk from Phase 2 of the P-Organ
  • Apply the Level 3 Survival Type upgrade “Increase Pulse Cells 3” to any P-Organ perk
  • Apply the Level 4 Survival Type upgrade “Increase Pulse Cells 4” to any P-Organ perk
  • Apply the Level 5 Survival Type upgrade “Increase Pulse Cells 5” to any P-Organ perk

By the later stages of the game, assuming you have unlocked all of these additional P-Organ perks, you will have a maximum of 10 Pulse Cells. With this many at your disposal, you will hopefully be able to overcome the challenges that await you in the final hours.

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