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Hand of Salaranga

The Hand of Salaranga is one of the most beautiful and unusual vehicles in WoW. In fact, it is a huge bone hand that once belonged to a giantess who dared to challenge the Exile.

It is worth noting that you need to sweat a lot to get this mount. You will have to complete the “Breaking The Chains” meta-achievement, which consists of 9 smaller achievements. It will take a lot of fighting, searching and discovering. 

Here are all the achievements you need to get the Hand of Salaranga. Below we will consider them in more detail:

  • Chains of Domination
  • On the offensive
  • Minions of the cold dark
  • Reliquary Restoration
  • Explore Korthia
  • Death 's advance
  • The Archivist 's Codex
  • Treasures of Korthia
  • Conquering korthia

Chains of Domination 

To complete this achievement, you need all the tasks from this list .:

Plot chapter

Name of the first task

Starting location

Fame level

Short description

Battle of the Ardenwald

First hit

Immediately after launching patch


Speak with Polemarch Adrest, who is in Oribos

Pilgrims womb

Access to the womb

Tal – Irana , Oribos


Let Tal-Iran study your anima

Focusing the gaze

Showing gratitude

Tal – Galan , Kortia


Talk to Ve ' nari , sitting in the Rest of the Guardian

The last seal

Vault of Secrets

Tal – Galan , Kortia


Meet Tal- Shalan at the abode of scientists

An army of steel and bone

Chain of command

Primas , Korthia


Meet Draka at Desmoteron

Invisible guests


Baroness Vashj , Kortia


Speak to the Primate of Cortia

The power of the night

A plea coming from the heart

Urgent message from Ardenwald , Kortia


Cross with Ysera in the Heart of the Forest

New way

Soul of the Paladin

Tenios , Kortia


Obtain a Fragment of Justice from the Ossuary of the Exile in Torgast.

What awaits us

A door in the dark

Primas , Korthia


Talk to Thrall and witness the end of the Battle of Torgast

On the offensive

This is where you need to survive the Covenant attack on the Womb. It is worth noting that tasks during the attack are selected at random , so you should not hope for a quick solution.  

Minions of the cold dark

Here it is necessary to arrange genocide against the torturers from Torgast. The "Tormentors of Torgast" event itself takes place every two hours in the Womb. Here is a list of the bosses you need to beat to get the achievement:

  1. Algel the Haunter
  2. Malleus grakizz
  3. Gralebboih
  4. The mass of souls
  5. Manifestation of pain
  6. Versya the Damned
  7. Zul ' gath the Flayer
  8. Golmak of The Monstrosity
  9. Sentinel Pyrophus
  10. Mugrem the Soul Devourer
  11. Kazj The Sentinel
  12. Promathiz
  13. Sentinel Shakorzeth
  14. Intercessor Razzra
  15. Gruukuuek the Elder

Reliquary Restauration

Here you will have to find 20 relics throughout Cortia . Keep in mind that at different points in time, some relics may become temporarily unavailable. Also, some things can only be obtained with the reputation of the Archivist Code. 

After completing the task, the first 5 relics are immediately available:

Relic name


Special marks

Damaged talisman

/ way 40.56, 41.35

Located in a cave, coordinates: / way 42.27, 40.93

Singing steel ingot

/ way 62.07, 56.75

You need to complete the quest

Book of Binding : " The Mad Witch "

/ way 30.2, 54.9

Located in a cave, entrance / way 30.25, 54.98

Celestial shadowlands chart

/ way 45.47, 56.08

You need to complete the quest

Diviner 's Rune Chists


We'll have to search all over Cortia

Next, you need to pump up your reputation with the Archivist to the second level and purchase the following items: Key to the inner chambers, Multi-Thinking Key, Key of Flowing Water, Cortite Crystal Key.

Relic name



Guise of Changeling

Find a chest

/ way 43.81, 76.94

The key to inner peace

Gorak Claw Fetish

Find a chest

/ way 41.20, 60.15

Multi – Thinking Key

The netherstar

Find the chest / way 33,41.95, located under the rock

Flowing water spring

Ring of Self – Reflection

Find chest / way 41.26, 43.26, located in the cave

Cortite Key


Next, you need to buy the Teleporter Kit from the Risiyur archivist at the third level of reputation. He is also knocked out of the rare mobs of Cortia .

Relic name




Everliving Statuette

Setting extracted with Yarzhofa Ravager

/ way 39.42, 52.40

It is necessary to repair the teleport and go into it

Drum of the Death Loa

Perform a task

/ way 39.42, 52.40

It is necessary to repair the teleport and go into it


Obelisk of dark tidings

Quest dropped from Zirax the Unrecognizable

/ way 45.02, 35.65

It is necessary to repair the teleport and go into it


Sack of Strange Soil

Perform a task 

/ way 45.02, 35.65

It is necessary to repair the teleport and go into it


Next, you need to purchase from the archivist (or get it from mobs ) Recovered Rift Key . Go into the rift, after which you need to find the following artifacts:

Relic name


Cipher of understanding

/ way 28.91, 54

Book of Binding : " The Tormented Sorcerer "

/ way 60.81, 34.80

Unstable explosive orb

/ way 51.41, 20.18

Eingmatic Decrypting Device

/ way 51.89, 52.47

Next, you need to purchase from Archivist Ro siyur " Research the Report : Ancient Shrines ". It unlocks at reputation level 5 with Archivist 's Codex .  

Next, you need to find the following relics:

Relic name


Need to

Bulwark of Divine Intent

/ way 18.5, 38

Research Report : Ancient Shrines

Shadow slicing shortsword

/ way 39.47, 42.69

Research Report : Ancient Shrines

Lang Family Wood – carving

/ way 24.38, 56.60

Research Report : Ancient Shrines

Explore Korthia

Here you need to be a researcher and find all the following territories:

  • Estuary of awakening
  • Keeper 's Respite
  • Sanctuary of Guidance
  • Seeker 's Quorum
  • Windswept aerie
  • Hope 's Ascent
  • Mauler 's Outlook
  • Scholar 's Den
  • Vault of Secrets

Death 's advance

Everything here is as simple as possible. Earn Death 's Advance ascension and earn the achievement .  

The Archivist 's Codex

Reach level 6 reputation with Archivist 's Codex . This will give you the achievement you want.

Treasure of korthia

Here you need to be the local Indiana Jones and find all the treasures that Cortia and Desmoteron are hiding . 

Conquering korthia

Here you need to arrange annihilation for the following opponents:

  • Traitor balthier
  • Blinding shadow
  • Carriage crusher
  • Consumption
  • Deadsoul Hatcher
  • Deomen the the Vortex
  • Dominated Protector
  • Escaped wilderling
  • Fallen Charger
  • Fleshwing
  • Konthrogz the Obliterator
  • Relic breaker krelva
  • Kroke the Tormented
  • Malbog
  • Guard orguluus
  • Reliwik the Defiant
  • Screaming shade
  • Silent Soulstalker
  • Stygian stonecrusher
  • Torglluun
  • Lord of shades
  • Towering exterminator
  • Ve' rayn
  • Wild worldcracker
  • Xyraxz the Unknowable
  • Yarxhov the Pillager
  • Ylva , Mate of Guarm
  • Observer Yorik
  • Zelnithop

After you complete all the achievements , the mount will become available to you . As you can see from the above, this is a long and hard work, but it is rewarded with a cool vehicle that will cause white (not always) envy among comrades-in-arms and ordinary players.

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